Peckham Rye Station Square + Rooftop Community Room, Garden and Workspace

Peckham Rye Station Square Landolt + Brown Architects and Wendy Hardie Collaborating Artist 2015-17 Detail View 2Peckham Rye Station Square Landolt + Brown Architects + Wendy Hardie Collaborating Artist 2015-17 Detail View 1


PECKHAM RYE STATION SQUARE Landolt + Brown Architects and Wendy Hardie Collaborating Artist 2015-17

Landolt + Brown along with collaborating architect trained artist Wendy Hardie won this high-profile commission in January 2015 in a competition with several of London’s best-respected practices.  Landolt + Brown’s co-founding director Adam Brown is leading the design team, together with Hardie, to develop a highly contextual, innovative design response based on Rye Lane’s rich and dynamic cultural, architectural, art and light industrial heritage.

The project will create a remarkable new public space where there is room to breath in the heart of bustling Rye Lane.  It will reveal the elegant façade of the listed station building as it was first set out in the mid Victorian era, as a paved courtyard with central planting fronting onto Rye Lane. It will expose the unusual double brick Victorian viaducts with their vaulted arches running below raised railway tracks, to provide a vibrant mix of spaces for local traders, bars, cafes and new community facilities, with immersive landscaping and biodiversity at the core of the project. The corten steel colonnade structure is an engineering structure which must by practical necessity be a feature of the newly opened up square.  It will house the existing columns (presently buried inside the northern art deco building, an addition of two that were built on the original open square in the 1930’s) that hold up the northern train platform.

A new, translucent, sculptural roof extension above one of the adjacent art deco buildings on Blenheim Grove, immediately to the south of the southern railway viaduct, will provide co-worker space at its 1st Floor level and at its 2nd floor level, under an exposed origami-like folded roof, a multi-purpose community room and enclosed community roof garden for all the diverse groups of Peckham. The building will now be clad in sheets of toughened, cast corregated glass, and will be highly visible from the rail platforms and passing trains, particularly at night as it forms a softly glowing sculptural object and focal counterpoint to the ornate Victorian station building with its platform level original Station Waiting Room’s dramatic vaulted timber ceiling, currently being restored for local’s delight by dedicated Peckham conservationist, architect Benedict O’ Looney, and which will be dramatically lit up just across the viaduct. These elevated spaces will not only form visual relationships with one another and those using the trains that pass through the station but they will also form new visual and perhaps community relationships with the performative, dramatic rooftop spaces of the Bussey Building and its creative studios along with the neighbouring 1960’s carpark, home of Bold Tendencies, Franks Bar and future Peckham Levels.

Planning permission was granted in spring 2016. The detailed phase of the project started after this and involves a series of complex phased stages in order to minimise disruption to local businesses’ trade and the user’s of the station.

BLENHEIM GROVE Rooftop Community Room, Garden & Workspace Landolt + Brown Architects and Wendy Hardie Collaborating Artist -cgi VIEW 2015-16

Blenheim Grove Rooftop extension with Community Room, Garden and Workspace above refurbished Art Deco Building housing mixed use local businesses. View from Rye Lane with a glimpse of  Station Square opening up to the north of the rail bridge Image 2015-16.



view 1


view 3

Artist’s early view showing a market stall structure on the south side of the square, the developed plan will not have a permanent structure but allow for a variety of different temporary pop up structures to inhabit this delineated ground plane zone of the square at different times of the year as curated events and markets.

Aerial View of the site plan and it’s environs, with the station and square in the centre of the image. It shows where any temporary pop up structure would sit in a linear zone along the south side of the square. The folded origami roof structure of the community building extension which sits on top of the art deco building, is seen immediately south of the southern rail viaduct on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane.



Model Study showing sculptural form of the community building in relation to the raised rail track and platform (outwith this view off the left hand side of the image) and the station building with its strong roof form to the rear/ north.



Model Sudy – aerial view from above the Station roof looking towards the art deco Holdrons Building on the east side of Rye Lane, across from the new square. The structure on the left /north edge of the new square is an existing structure which holds up the north train platform and which requires to be retained.